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Welcome to HTS !

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HTS is an innovative Australian software development company, dedicated to developing advanced business management solutions.

We are fully committed and very experienced at integrating business with the Internet and have both the infrastructure and experience to fulfill the promise of business online.  HTS creates powerful management information systems for business, corporate and government clients. 

Two products developed by HTS have now been launched worldwide... - Bookings over the Internet! - Point of Sale and Inventory Management

Our products are Y2K compliant and provide a multi-user solution which runs on both MS Windows and Apple Macintosh environments. The graphical user interface and on-line help facilities make the products easy to learn and use. They are state of the art technology and extremely efficient.

We are member of the Oracle Business Partner programme.

Our strategy aims to achieve powerful, intuitive management systems flexible enough to meet the varied needs of Australian businesses. We also provide professional systems analysis, installation, training services, and custom software development backed by reliable 24 hour support.

Please contact us for more information

Email Phone 0403 062 000 (int +61403 062 000) Fax +612 9982 2699
Snail Mail: PO Box 2103 Dee Why NSW Australia 2099


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