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Booking management for the new millenium


Booking Centre special offer only $995.00 !!

world.gif - Bookings over the Internet!

  • Easy installation and setup - records may be imported from ACSII files
  • Internet Bookings - via
  • Personalisation - the system adapts to your organisation
  • Pop Up Lists - for fast and accurate lookup of codes
  • On-line Help - get Help from anywhere and you can add your own notes as well !!
  • 14 day Money Back Guarantee !! - no questions asked
  • 100% MicroSoft windows compatible
  • Password Protection - with unlimited user definable access levels
  • Guest Profile - record information on each Guest, such as their address, phone number, company, source and type.

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More of the features provided by BookingCentre;

BookingCentre  Provides a user friendly solution for booking management of small to medium Motels, Hotels, Backpackers, Ski Lodges, Boat Charter, Conference Centers, Retreats etc.
Special features include a 'Booking Status Sheet' and instant booking enquiries as well as Guest Accounting. A comprehensive range of reports are provided.
BookingCentre integrates with to provide bookings over the internet.

  • Bookings provide control over ...
    • Payment status
    • Check ins
    • Check outs
    • Guest accounts.
    • Deposits
    • Receipts
    • Reconciliation
    • Cancellations
  • Group Bookings - allows multiple guests to be booked on a single account
  •  Conferences
     providing control of ...
    • Conventions
    • Seminars
    • Corporate functions
  • Room Availability - provides instant access to your available rooms in a graphical spreadsheet style display
  • Instant Enquiries - to find available rooms within a range of dates in the future
  • Room Rates - a high degree of flexibility is provided through the ability to based costings on a combination of
    • Seasonal matrix
    • Week day
    • Week end
    • Room type
    • Individual Rooms
  • Itemised Guest Accounting - add items to each guests account such as
    • Restaurant bills
    • telephone calls
    • Mini bar use
  • Agent management - includes automatic calculation of commissions as well as tracking of agent turnover and history
  • Internet Enabled send and receive Booking enquiries and Confirmations and other correspondence by EMail.
  • Multi-User Networking - real time multi-user under NetWare, Windows, AppleShare etc
  • Cross Platform - available for MS Windows and Macintosh.
  • Reliable - based on the Omnis7 4GL application generator

Reports include

  • Daily Reports
    • Occupied Rooms by Guest
    • Occupied Rooms by Room Number
    • Check Ins
    • Check Outs
  •  Booking Management
    • Booking Reminders
    • Booking Confirmations
    • Booking Follow Ups
    • Booking Finance
    • Availability
  • Guest Management
    • Lists
    • Details
    • Mailing labels
    • Booking History
    • Letters

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