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Power Packed Marketing system

 Applications for InfoCentre include ..

  • Mailing Management
  • Solicited & Unsolicited marketing
  • Telemarketing management
  • Sales management
  • Product registration management
  • Subscription Management
  • Contact History
  • Automated Inbound Marketing with Automatic Sales Lead Assignment

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Some of the features provided by InfoCentre

  • Easy installation and setup - records may be imported from files in a variety of formats, ACSII , DIF etc
  • User definable terminology - the system adapts to your organisation
  • Pop Up Lists - for fast and accurate lookup of codes
  • On-line Help - get Help from anywhere and you can add your own notes as well !!
  • 14 day Money Back Guarantee !! - no questions asked
  • Password Protection - with unlimited user definable access groups and levels
  • Companies - - records information such as company size, turnover, main phone numbers etc
  • Each Company may have an unlimited number of Contacts
  • Contacts - record information on each Contact, such as address, phone, fax, e-mail address etc
  • Each Contact may be classified by ..
    • Category or Status - Client, Prospect etc
    • Multiple Industries or market segments - Industries may be grouped into Industry Groups
    • Source - advertising source, mailing list etc
    • Person - Sales Representative, Telemarketing Operator etc
    • Region - Locality, Reseller, Distributor etc
  • Communications Management
    • Actions - incoming and outgoing phone calls, letters, faxes, e-mail etc
    • Results - sent, contact made, engaged, left message etc
    • Products - each action may optionally be linked to multiple products
    • Follow Ups (Diary) - the next action for the Contact. eg. phone call, brochure and letter etc
    • OutBound Telemarketing - including History and Follow Ups
    • InBound Telemarketing - including fulfillment
    • Automated Inbound Telemarketing - with automatic assignment and fax to a reseller
    • Contact History - a record of all meetings, phone calls, letters and other communications
  • Subscriptions - enables recording of subscriptions as well as support or maintenance contracts.
  • Workgroups - provide a method of grouping clients together for the purpose of mailing, faxing or follow up. They may be generated from selected categories, from History or on an ad-hoc basis
  • Import-Export - supports most common file types e.g. dBase, DIF, SYLK, comma & tab delimited
  • Duplicate removal - incorporates sophisticated duplicate removal procedures
  • Normalisation (standardisation) - of company and street names
  • Client/Server - new version due early 1996.
  • Multi-User Networking - real time multi-user under NetWare, AppleShare etc
  • Cross Platform - available for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh. Windows 95 and Windows NT available early 1996
  • Reliable - based on the Omnis7 4GL application generator

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  • Powerful reporting interface - allows a wide variety of reports to be accessed simply and quickly
  • Destinations - Reports may be printed to the Screen, Printer, Preview, Fax-Modem, or exported to a file
  • Report Choices List, summary and detail reports give you access to the information you need
  • Searches - many searches are user definable
  • Sorts- options are provides for most reports
  • Labels - a wide variety of Label formats are supported.
  • Ad-hoc report generator- for custom reports
  • Publish & Subscribe - on the Macintosh DE - under MicroSoft Windows

Reports include

  • Daily Reports
    • Follow Ups (Diary)
    • Letters
    • Labels
    • Call Histories (when telemarketing)
  •  Contact Management
    • Lists
    • Summaries
    • Details
    • Labels
    • Letters
    • Faxes
  •  Workgroup Management
    • Lists
    • Details
    • Labels
    • Worksheets
  •  Subscriptions
    • Reminders
    • Lists
    • Overdues

Current Users include

  • Focus Direct Publications - publishers of Info-Link magazine
  • BOSE Australia Inc
  • The Community Services Commission
  • DAS Purchasing Australia
  • Hinton Information Services

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