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At HTS we use a variety of operating systems.  This means we are able to test and evaluate software and systems on virtually any OS available. 

Our personal preference is for Macintosh, but we use Microsoft windows 95 and NT as well.

File and Database server

Our main fileserver is an Intel machine running NetWare 4.11.  This has a gigabyte motherboard with a Cyrix P233 processor and 128 Meg EDO RAM (soon to be increased to 256 Meg).

An Adaptec 2940UW PCI SCSI controller has 1 4GB and 2 x 2GB IBM Ultra Wide SCSI hard drives connected, providing 6GB of storage.

Oracle 7.3 is hosted on this server and is running 3 different instances, for development and project tracking purposes.

Windows NT server

This is our secondary server.  It is an Intel machine with a gigabyte motherboard and a Intel Pentium II 233 processor.  It also has 128 Meg EDO RAM.

An Adaptec 2940W PCI SCSI controller has a single 2GB Seagate fast and wide drive connected.

IBM Net.Commerce is running on this machine together with the IBM Secure Internet Server and DB2.

In addition we run a number of NT apps in the workstation shell

Macintosh Workstations

We have several Macintosh machines;

PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro with a 180Mhz 604e processor with 98 Meg RAM and a 2GB fast and wide HD.  It has a 17" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro monitor.  This runs Omnis7, Photoshop, NetObjects Fusion, FrameMaker etc.

PowerMacintosh 7100 with 40 Meg Ram and a 2GB hard disk is our main DTP machine.  This has, a rather old now, 21" Calcomp monitor.  It runs mainly FrameMaker and Photoshop.

Apple PowerBook Duo with 20 Meg RAM and a 2GB HD.  It is used as general purpose machine and as a handy portable to take to clients sites.  It has a Duo Dock with an Apple 15" monitor.

Apple Quadra 700 with 40 Meg Ram and 2GB HD.  This is our backup and faxserver.  It runs RetroSpect Backup software and FaxExpress network fax software.

Apple SE30 with 8 Meg RAM and a 200 Meg HD.  Yes this is a TEN YEAR old Mac.  It is still used as our internal mail server using the Stalker Software communication suite to send email and paging messages.

Windows Workstations

In addition to the Windows NT machine we also have a Windows95 machine with an Intel P133 processor and 32 Meg RAM.  This is a general purpose machine used for anything we need to do on Win95!!

Linux servers

Linux server one is an Intel P120 with 64 Meg RAM and 6 GB IDE HD running Redhat Linux v4.2, Primary DNS and Apache WebServer.  This machine has 2 network cards and acts as a firewall between our ascend pipeline ISDN router Internet connection and our internal network.  It also runs a cache server, email server, Intranet and support FTP services.

Linux server two Linux servers one is an Intel P120 with 64 Meg RAM and 2 GB IDE HD running Redhat Linux v4.2, secondary DNS and Apache WebServer.  This hosts this web site and the FTP server for downloading demos and utilities


We are running a 10 Base10T network with a 16 port HP hub and Cat 5 cabling


Our main printer is a QMS 1660E with 24 Meg RAM and a 180 Meg HD.  This printer will print up to A3 at 600 x 1200 DPI.  It supports EtherNet, Net BIOS, AppleTalk and TCP/IP interfaces, quite an awesome system.

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